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2c and 3 for fchemical and felectrical to get eq 4b

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Unformatted text preview: itute Eq. 2c and 3 for Fchemical and Felectrical to get Eq. 4b Fnet = zV - z Eion = z(V- Eion) We subtracted because we are really looking for the difference between the electrical and chemical force. When V = Eion, the ion is in equilibrium and there should be no net force acting on it. The GHK Equation only accounting for the three most common ions (note other ions may be used if the cell is permeable to them) Eq. 5a ER = p [Cl ]i + p k [ K ]o + p Na [ Na ]o RT * ln cl F p cl [Cl ]o + p k [ K ]i + p Na [ Na...
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