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5b e r 575 log p cl cl i p k k o p na na o

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Unformatted text preview: ]i Eq. 5b E R = 57.5* log p cl [Cl ]i + p k [ K ]o + p Na [ Na ]o at17 o p cl [Cl ]o + p k [ K ]i + p Na [ Na ]i The steady state voltage at the injection point Eq. 6 ΔVss = IinRm Where Iin is the injected current, Rm is the input (often the total) resistance of the cell. Where rm is the membrane resistance of a unit length (e.g., Ω-cm) and cm is the membrane capacitance per unit length (e.g., F/cm). The time constant Eq. 7 τ= rmcm The time constant equation Eq. 8 ΔV(t) = ΔVss [1-e-(t/ τ)] The space (length...
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