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9 Nov 2005 England = Tony Blair….terrorism…some people think it’s time for Gordon Brown France is burning! *NO CLASS wed of Thanksgiving, go to Class on Monday Allen 102 China Communism is alive Discrepancies in the way it practices communism today o Although China still projects a political ideology of communism, it’s economic system is based on flirtations with capitalism o Since about the late 1970s, China has introduced several new aspects to its economic system that they have borrowed from the western world and these aspects have somehow helped China to becomg one of the fastest growing economic system in the world to the extent that the US and EU see China as an economic threat o In Oct 2005 the EU signed an agreement with the Chinese to limit the export of textiles to the EU o The US did the same thing yesterday in London when they signed a treaty that determined quotas on the things the Chinese could export to the US o It is argued in an article on page C3 NY Times that 1/3 of Chinese exports go to the US while only 4% of American exports go to China…this means that the US has a terrible trade deficit with China (unfavorable trade relations) o A report from Congess has called on the US to take even greater action against China including the possibility of imposing a 27.5% price increase on goods coming in from China. Jesus Christ!! One could argue that based on trade relations alone, China has become the severe economic threat the Soviet Union was …. o China has been doing so well economically because their currency has been undervalued which makes their goods cheaper o They need a better infrastructure because their population is booming they need new roads bc people are driving more now o Education needs: brain drain (people leave China to come to the US) o Jobs are being outsourced to China o Hu Jin Tao paid a visit to GB which means that China is becoming increasingly important diplomatically He is pro-west but tends to deal more with Europe than the US Generates a lot of Headlines o Unocal American company is important because China needs oil and offered to buy it but Congress refused because they didn’t want China to gain a lot of control over the oil industry
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o Donald Rumsfeld went to an Asian conference and complained to China inside of Asia that they were doing something wrong because the army was getting so big He doesn’t much like China “One of my favorite people who I don’t like” The Chinese have argued that thy don’t have any military interest in other parts of the world they are simply engaged in self-defense especially around the Asian continent, including Taiwan (who the US helps out a lot) o China has also had some trouble with international relations because the US has put much of the Korean burden on China which it is very close to the leader of Korea but more often thatn not the Chinese blame the US and
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9_Nov_2005-1 - 9 Nov 2005 England = Tony...

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