9NovCHINA - 9-November-2005CHINATony Blair has been...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-November-2005CHINATony Blair has been defeated in parliamentFRANCE: Arab and African descendents protesting in 300 citiesGERMANY: having trouble fixing the coalition: Merkel is virtually alone, SPD not very strongArgument that communism is still alive is truer in China more than any other country. However, even for China, there are several differences in the way it practices its policy today.oAlthough China still projects a political ideology of communism, its economy is based on flirtations with capitalismSince about the late 70s, China has introduced several new aspects to its economic system that they have borrowed from the Western world, and these aspects have somehow helped China become one of the fastest growing economies in the world to the extent that several other countries, including US and EU, see China as a huge economic threatBecause the EU in early Oct. 05 signed an agreement with the Chinese to limit the exports of textiles with the EUUS did the same yesterday in London, where they signed a treaty in which quotas were placed on the amount of goods China could export to the USArgued in NYT today that 1/3 of Chinese exports go to the United States, while only 4% of US exports go to ChinaUS has a trade deficit with Chinaunfavorable economic conditionsReport from Congress asks the US to take even greater action against China, including the possibility of imposing a 27.5% tariff on Chinese goods.One could argue that based on trade relations alone, China may have become the USs most severe economic threatChina creates many headlines: whenever you pick up a newspaper, there is usually an article about ChinaoCurrency: US says undervalued, in summer 05 revalued only 2%oBooming populationoGrowth of industry: cars rapidly increasing, oil/gasoline demand sharp increasesoOutsourcingbusinesses have to deal with legal hurdles, new laws, etc.oHu Jin Tao is Pro-WestoSummer 05: Unocal: US congress voted against Chinas bid for Unocal, didnt want china to control oil suppliesoRumsfeld: went to an Asian conference and complained that Chinese military was becoming too strong and was a threat to other countriesoChinese have argued that they do not have a military interest in other regions, they are simply engaged in self-defense, especially around the Asian continent: TaiwanoTrouble with international relations: North Korea: US has put much of the burden on China. China is close to NK leader, but more often than not, the Chinese often blame the US and not NK for failure of nuclear weapons talks oJapan: history because of this history, China plans to veto any membership for Japan in UN Security Councilo> 1000 deaths occur in Chinese minesChina is very populous, larger than any other in the world1.3 billion people Chinese have a policy to reduce pop. growth, culture favors males over femaleshuge problems with water supply and poor land qualityLack natural resourcesHomogenous society: same ethnic stock: Han 92% of population...
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9NovCHINA - 9-November-2005CHINATony Blair has been...

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