16 Nov 2005

16 Nov 2005 - 16 Nov 2005 India Distinctive in the...

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16 Nov 2005 India Distinctive in the political system because of political, economic, and social reasons o Political reasons: India is one of the better performing democracies that exist in the world because they have had an uninterrupted political system since its independence in 1947 This is rare among developing countries where coup d’etats and revolutions are common Even more important is the fact that India is not only democratic but has a parliamentary democracy not only is India a parliamentary democracy but the democracy works effectively because more often than not incumbents do not win elections (system is very dynamic) Why don’t incumbents win? Because there are too many problems and politicians get the blame, politicians have too many people in the constituency to be supported by all of them they can’t please everyone The best example of that was in May 2004 elections where the governing BJP party was kicked out of power by the opposition Congress power. The BJP called early elections because they thought India was doing so well (“India Shining”) and to the surprise of everyone, the common people in society did not reap the benefits of economic growth (they voted against BJP) The Congress party was so surprised when they won it took them over a month to be able to form a government India has the largest democracy in the world (larger than US, GB, France, Canada, & Germany combined) because its population is ginormous o Economic reasons: Alongside China, India has the fastest-growing economy in the world in the past 10 years This economy is dominated by high-tech industries by outsourcing and cheap labor The prime minister of China visited India earlier this year he planned his visit where the most high-tech companies are located Because the new government is controlled by the Congress party they depend on that party for support inside of parliament…the government today is not so eager to promote economic reform (they don’t want to go too fast and make their constituents mad & therefore lose support and therefore lose power) o Social Arena India stands out for several reasons:
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Caste system (differentiates between groups of people on the basis of history, religion, jobs, marriage, etc). The Indian constitution suggests/argues that this system has been abolished but it still affects the lives of millions of people in India today HUGE middle class (largest in the world, made up of over 150-250 million people out of total 1 billion total population) so not the largest percentage-wise but still huge AIDS = big problem in the future of that country and several steps have been taken to prevent the spread of this disease Apart from the government of India, there’s also the role played by Bill Gates to deal with the problems of AIDS in the country he believes the future of computers is in India (not the US) and wants to help stop the spread of aids
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16 Nov 2005 - 16 Nov 2005 India Distinctive in the...

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