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Unformatted text preview: 21-Nov-05FINAL EXAM REVIEW: DUE FRIDAY DEC 9th12 NOON2. Putin is an enigma3. Discuss Chinas issues: trade; finance (currency); Bird flu; International relations (US. Japan, Mongolia, Russia, etc.); military4. What has changed since August?Discuss KatrinaElections, etc.Next week: Nigeriathen New York Times testthen course evaluationMEXICO: Mexico means more for Americans than most other countries discussed in this classproximityOne could argue that people in states such as California and Texas will learn more about Mexico than people in LA, but even in the state of LA, one can not avoid feeling the presence of MexicoUS and Mexico have not always had very good relations: even though they are tied together in NAFTA: North American Free Trade AreaNAFTA began in 94: United States, Canada, and MexicoSince 94, trade relations between these countries has been transformedSince 01, however, US-Mexican relations have not been very smooth and friendly: When Bush came to power, he promised to make Mexico the center of his international diplomacy, but these promises were affected by the events of September 11th2001, when the US was forced to shift focus away from Latin American and more toward Afghanistan and IraqHuge blow for Vincente Fox, who had come to office with a huge agenda, much of which was based on improving ties with the United State, especially allowing alien citizens from Mexico to gain dual citizenship. Because of the failure of this relationship, Mr. Foxs presidency has been doomed since 9/11. However, in the recent Summit of the Americas held in Argentina, Mr. Fox sided with the US rather than the leftist coalition led by Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.Problem with Mr. Fox is that he can not run for reelection any more and most people have described his presidency as a total failureMexico was more of a one party political system. Although there were other parties in the country, the PRI governed Mexico from the early 20s until 2000....
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