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POLI 2053 class notes 3

POLI 2053 class notes 3 - Wednesday POLI 2053 class notes 3...

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 POLI 2053 class notes 3 FRANCE Differences between france and great Britain One difference is that France has abandoned their monarchy why the british have retained their monarchy Evolution of France hjas been characterized by discontinuity and change while in G.B their political system has been characterized by continuity and preservation Not much ahs changed in the G.B revolution but a lot has seemed to change in the revolution with france French are more prone to strikes while the British are often reluctant to engage in protest In the French political system French have too many parties while G.B has too few The leadership in France today likes to make the headlines Tony Blaire Even though these countries are so different, there are some aspects that make them similar: o Both countries have people that came to power in 2007 o Both leaders are facing some kind of political trouble These two countries are pro-U.S (U.S friendly) Both countries have strong centralized societies British have their own trouble which would be that of northern Ireland Both countries are facing this ongoing economy crisis without knowing how they can deal with it Sometime in November protests that took place o Monday February 9 pg 1 – a hardliner gains ground
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 o Pg 5 – attack on women o Pg 5 – ex-leader of iran o P66 – want more Chavez o Tuesday febrary 10 pg1 –after orderly elections o Pg 9 – austrailia confirms arson o Pg 11 – brief articles on Madagascar o Pg 3 – france announces 8.5 billion plan o Wednesday February 11 – pg 1 – a close battle in Israeli vote o Pg 5 – to some srilankan ears o Pg 8 – the former first-lady of Taiwan o Pg 10 – with a swipe at the united srar o Pg b3 – parliament invites bankers in What are some of the similarities between Japan and Germany? The French political system can be examined by looking back at the history of this country which would illustrate among other things, that france since 1789 has had 16 different regimes while the unites states has had just one
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POLI 2053 class notes 3 - Wednesday POLI 2053 class notes 3...

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