30novNIGERIA - 30-Nov-2005FINAL: due 9Dec...

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Unformatted text preview: 30-Nov-2005FINAL: due 9Dec NOONNIGERIA:Nigeria is considered one of the most important countries in Africa because of its population of over 100 million.It is argued that no official count of population exists because a reliable census has not been held for several yearsoWHY? The reason for this is that various regions and states try to inflate their numbers in order to gain more revenue from taxesIt is argued, however, that at least of Africa is from Nigeria. However, although Nigeria remains an important country in several other areas, like peacekeeping (Liberia, Darfur, Sierra Leone, Congofinanced by other countries), oil production (member of OPEC, but the oil seems to cause more trouble for the country than helping to solve problems), Nigeria often makes headlines for other terrible topicsoNigerians have to stand in long lines for gasoline, also, the petroleum producing areas are often the poorest areas of the country to the extent that people have often taken Western oil workers hostage as a means to air their grievancesNYT: Governor arrested in London for money laundering, escaped London by dressing as a woman Often on the forefront of corruption, according to Transparency InternationalStories often related to ethnic and religious conflictoThe three main groups do not like one anotherothe major religions: Christians and Muslims often find themselves fightingoThere have been several deaths since 1999, when civilian govt came to power, which suggests that the country has become increasingly ungovernableNigeria is important to the study of politics because one can argue that no political system seems to work in that countrySince 1960, when the country became independent, the military has governed the country far more often than civiliansMarch 2005, the Economist published a World Bank survey which listed 20 countries designated as candidates for failureo12 African, among which was NigeriaOne can make the argument that if conditions do not improve, the rest of Africa is...
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30novNIGERIA - 30-Nov-2005FINAL: due 9Dec...

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