28 Sept 2005

28 Sept 2005 - 28 Sept 2005 NY Times Tues Sept 27 Sharon...

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28 Sept 2005 NY Times Tues, Sept 27 Sharon Survives IRA Poland/Ukraine Forced Marsh Wed, Sept 28 Pg 5 – Tony Blair talks to his party about Iraq Pg. 26 – Ariel Sharon’s Choice Pg. C1 – Texas Tea from the Russian Sea *Get from Brennan! *No class FALL BREAK* Today: Germany Oct 5: No class Oct 12: Japan Oct 19: Midterm Multiple choice (25) Essay – Great Britain/France (8) and Germany/Japan (8); also some definitions (4) Outcome of elections in Japan and Germany and what does that suggest about the type of government they have there (READ NY TIMES) Germany! The German political system is of particular significance today because of the current stalemate going on in that country o Even though elections were held on Sept 18, the country still does not know who the winner was or what kind of government they will have following the elections o The outcome of the election: Opposition party: CDU/CSU 36.6% (seats) and 35.2% (votes) SPD 36.2% (seats), and 34.3% (votes) FDP 9.9% (seats) 9.8% (votes) Left 8.8%, 8.7% Greens 8.3, 8.1 o Because of this outcome, Germany is in political confusion Several possibilities have been talked about concerning the future government because so much confusion exists One of these ideas is the Grand Coalition which will bring together the CDU (with 225 seats) and SPD (with 222 seats)
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The problem with this is who will lead? o Schroeder still wants to lead, but Ms. Merkel got more votes o The outcome of the election makes Schroeder look like a winner – even though Ms. Merkel won, she looks like the loser because…. o Schroeder simply wants it to be possible that somebody neutral will become Chancellor o Tends to make the government so strong and the position so weak that real government is not taking place at all The Traffic Light Coalition is another idea o The Green party will be there (with 51 seats), the Yellow FDP (with 61 seats) and the Red SPD (with 222 seats) o The problem is the FDP doesn’t like to deal with the SPD because they used to be together in the 80s, they don’t much like Schroeder and the Green and FDP have always been traditional rivals that just cannot get along Another idea: Jamaica Coalition o Green Green party o Black CDU o Yellow FDP o Problem is Greens hate CDU because of their conservative mentality Nobody likes the left Because the left party was created out of the extreme remnants of the red party Historical Evolution o From 800 BC to 1806 = First Reich o 1806 – 1871 = Napoleon, by invading Germany helped bring about German unity which came under the leadership of Bismark….1871 they conquered French o 1871 – 1918 = 2 nd Reich Led directly into WWI o 1919 – 1933 = Weimar Republic Weak political entity that was so weak it led to the rise of Hitler o 1933 – 1945 = 3 rd Reich Led to WWII and the defeat of Germany o 1945 – 1949 = Under occupation The US played the biggest role in the emergence of Germany
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28 Sept 2005 - 28 Sept 2005 NY Times Tues Sept 27 Sharon...

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