26 Oct 2005

26 Oct 2005 - 26 Oct 2005 NY Times Mon Oct 24 pg 1 Golds...

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26 Oct 2005 NY Times Mon Oct 24 pg 1 “Gold’s glitter” *pg 4 Afghanistan pg 5 Ukraine, *Mayor of Warsaw in Poland pg 6 plane crash in Nigeria, *Son of slain Lebanese Prime Minister pg C5 = *nations and the littering of old PCs in developing countries Tues Oct 25 Pg 1 *“gold glitter” series Pg 3 peru’s former leader (who now lives in Japan) Pg 5 opposition party in Zimbabwe in some kind of trouble Pg 6 syria mobilizes support (against the US and Britain) for its leader Wed Oct 26 Pg. 1 = Iraqi officials, *2000 dead in Iraq Pg 4 Border Brutality Pg 6 *brief articles on North Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, and Venezuela Pg 6 BBC Pg 8 Uzbeckistan, the Mormon church Pg 10 *doubts in Syria Pg 11 UN report on AIDS and children in the world Pg 12 rising civilian toll Pg 27 living hand to mouth Japan New emperor but the only child is a daughter *Go to Allen 102 Monday Nov 21 to learn about Mexico (no class that wed) Communism o Developing countries are a fertile ground for communism to take root o When the poor outnumbers the wealthy (*NO MIDDLE CLASS) there is a large disparity uneven distribution of wealth o Low GNP per capita, large primary sectors (ex: agriculture, tourism, oil) o Revolutions usually led by charismatic leaders (ex: Marx (wrote about it), Lenin (put it into practice), Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh, Mao, Che) o Communism is good in theory, but there are questions surrounding practical implementations of this theory
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o Under communism there is a ONE PARTY STRUCTURE (the only way to get ahead) o People have limited rights – no freedom of speech o Communists have the ability to govern (usually use force, torture, or fear) o Communism usually opposes organized religion Developing countries o 3 rd world = strong faith is all they have (that God will one day lift them out of their desperation) o Scarcity! o Most of the developing world tends to be former colonies of western empires o Because of the colonial influence on these regions from the industrialized world, there is still kind of friction and distrust between these type of countries and the “first world” The study of communism should still be important to the student of politics even though the Cold War is over. One could even make the argument that even though the Cold War has ended, communism itself is not dead. 1.
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26 Oct 2005 - 26 Oct 2005 NY Times Mon Oct 24 pg 1 Golds...

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