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EDCI 3.3 - Sam Jones October 20, 2009 EDCI 3001 Social...

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Sam Jones October 20, 2009 EDCI 3001 Social Studies-American History 7 th Grade
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Activity 3.3 I. Physical Arrangement of the Classroom a. See Attached for picture b. I lined up the desks by 5’s so that there will be some sibilance of order right when they walk in. I put posters on the walls on the sides so that they will generate interest, but not in a place of distraction. I want the white boards to be on each side of the screen so that I can write notes if I need too. One of the white boards will be dedicated to the classroom rules and homework. This will be permanent so it will generate responsibility because the students will already know where that will be. The bookshelves are easily accessed on one side of the room, and on top of those, there are posters of the United States and the Constitution because they will be hot topics in the class. On the door itself, there will be a poster of the Presidents. I have one desk kind of pulled apart from the others which is for a student that is acting up. The projector is in the middle of a lengthened aisle so that it has space to move and I as the teacher do too. The computers are on the side of the room with windows in case they are necessary for a project or research. I will try to incorporate them as much as possible. Lastly, the teaching area is comprised of the Teacher’s desk and cabinets. These are kind of sanctioned off from the classroom, marking the teacher’s territory as off limits to the kids. The cabinets are behind the desk and accessible only to the teacher. The desk and teacher’s area are in the back so that it won’t distract, and the students can feel the teacher’s presence even when he/she is sitting down. Also in the back, are some bookshelves for fun reading in case the students get done with work early. The flag and Pledge of Allegiance will be up at the front because
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EDCI 3.3 - Sam Jones October 20, 2009 EDCI 3001 Social...

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