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EDCI Mid-Term questions

EDCI Mid-Term questions - Which were the first public...

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Which were the first public secondary high schools? common schools academies Latin grammar schools English classical schools Which one of the following is not synonymous with the term looping? multiyear grouping multiyear instruction multiyear placement interdisciplinary teaming teacher-student progression The core curriculum includes the subject matter areas of mathematics and science. English/language arts and history/social studies. physical education and the visual and performing arts. English/language arts, mathematics, science, and history/social studies. In the five-step model for teaching, which step(s) are analogous to the preactive phase of decision making and thought processing? first step first two steps third step fourth step fifth and first steps Which one of the four decision-making and thought-processing phases of instruction occurs at the time the lesson is being taught? preactive reflective projective interactive none of the above By definition, a secondary school is any school that houses students in some combination of grades 6 through 12. 7 through 12. 8 through 12.
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9 through 12. none of the above. _________ is a school with a curriculum that is designed for specialization, such as for humanities and international studies, performing and visual arts, or science and technology. A charter school A magnet school An exemplary school A fundamentals school An international baccalaureate school House, pod, family, and village are terms used when referring to interdisciplinary teams of teachers. separate schools within one large multischool district. academic departments within a large comprehensive high school. clusters of students and teachers in a school-within-a-school program.
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EDCI Mid-Term questions - Which were the first public...

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