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Lesson Plan 1 - GLEs/Benchmarks: Explain the role of key...

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GLE’s/Benchmarks: Explain the role of key figures in the American Revolution Objectives: Students will explore the American Revolutionary War by choosing main characters from a list compiled by the State of Louisiana, researching that character, and demonstrating their knowledge of the character’s impact on the war through creating a PowerPoint slide show. Teacher Materials/Resources: 1. State Approved List of Key Figures 2. A Rubric based upon what you are assessing for: a. One rubric for material in the slide show b. One rubric for appropriate use of PowerPoint 3. Computers 4. Projector 5. Projector Screen 6. Pre-assigned student groups of 2-3 7. PowerPoint Presentation on Marquis de Lafayette 8. Grading slips for each group 9. Extra-time worksheets Student Materials/Resources: 1. Microsoft PowerPoint 2. Reference materials for the Revolutionary War 3. Paper, pencils, colors, etc. 4. Computers Technology Integration: The students will be able to use the computers available in the classroom to research their American Revolutionary War character. They will then use Microsoft Power Point to create a slide show with relevant information displaying their grasp of that
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Lesson Plan 1 - GLEs/Benchmarks: Explain the role of key...

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