Civil War Day 1

Civil War Day 1 - Introduction It was far and away the most...

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Introduction It was far and away the most destructive war in forms of human life. 620,000 people died Total of all other war deaths-680,000 Large scale physical destruction in the continental US that has not occurred sense. There was an army “invading” the US. Large scale devastation in the south. No invading army laying waste to American Soil Another thing that has made it resonant: called a “Civil War.” Americans fought it on both sides and lost it. Most Southerners sense the Civil War have been glad to be Americans. Not many serious attempts of drawing the South back today. Many ancestors still believe another Southern uprising could succeed. We naturally ask why did the South lose? And could they possibly have won? It broke up a fundamental unit we take for granted: our nation. We don’t like losing mutual loyalty. It was a war over the issue of slavery. These are still important subjects today. The legacy, aftermath continue to strike a chord. Slavery was a great wrong and evil and
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