Day 22 Confederacy

Day 22 Confederacy - Nationalism Some of the countries in...

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Nationalism Some of the countries in Europe were just taking shape in the modern age Nations now forming instead of separate provinces: Germany Italy Confederateds told themselves that there were part of this spirit of the times by creating a new nation while the federals were saying they were part of these times by keeping together the United States Where did the Confederate nation come from? Where did it go? o Central concern in south: preserving order and preserving slavery What threats posed to the south? o Power in the hands of the federal government was a threat to slavery o Wanted to protect the interests of the south by creating measures o Criticism by abolitionists of slavery, slave holders Counter-argument: slavery procduces a superior white population which is beneficial to slaves because they are introduced to Christianity Southerners also say that slavery is the key to equality among whites Prevents rich v. poor Slavery can survice only in a separate nation After Uncle Tom’s Cabin-creates writings in the south which praise the chulture in the south Slavery must expand o Slavery produced the biggest profit-slaves, exports Southern nationalists said that slavery must expand or die Made this argument because they were threatened politically by being confined to the south already established The southerners wanted slaveholding to expand or the
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Day 22 Confederacy - Nationalism Some of the countries in...

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