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Day 24 Defeat 2

Day 24 Defeat 2 - Hood is successor to Johnston o Fled to...

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Hood is successor to Johnston o Fled to Tupelo, MS from Tenn o Men began to desert After Sherman reached to coast, Grant intended to bring Sherman’s army from Savannah up to Richmond by Navy, but it’s too small of a nay o Decided to march up to NC to meet Grant o This would show South Carolina what happened when you seceded Much more difficult of a march than the march to the sea o Winter (Jan – Feb) o Rain swelled the rivers o The distance was 50% longer than march to the Sea o South thought this march would be impossible o Northern troops were very strong (will-wise) o Morale was high, moved 10 miles a day o Sherman tried to through off Southerners by marching one column one way and the other another way and then heading towards Columbia Soldiers held grudge against SC for seceding o Most of the destruction here was intentional and possible gleeful o Very unlike March to Sea Columbia caught fire on February 17, 1865 in multiple places o
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