Day 26 Emancipation

Day 26 Emancipation - April 23, 2009 Emancipation Abraham...

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April 23, 2009 Emancipation Abraham Lincoln is well known for saying that slavery was somehow the reason for the war The number of Northerners who intented to make some movement against slavery was small Some northern politicians agreed that slavery was protected under the Constitituion There were divisions among northern politicians about ending slavery or even limiting it In the party system, the democrats were the pro-slavery party o Hoping to keep their labor out of competition of whites Lincoln had first emphasized that the war was being fought to protect the union He believed that the constitution protected slavery among it’s borders The Republican explination for why the gov’t was coercing the states into staying, they said that their secession was not legal Any action by the fed gov’t might cause resistance among the unionist border states like Maryland and Kentucky Didn’t want to lose support of Northern Democrats Feared alienation of those people As the war grew longer and costlier and bitter, then people opposing slavery wanted to make more fundamental blows against it Slavery was a fundamental aid for the southern war effort o Slaves were 40% of the population of the south o Majority of the work force o South could put more working age men into army because slaves did the
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Day 26 Emancipation - April 23, 2009 Emancipation Abraham...

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