Day 27 Reconstruction

Day 27 Reconstruction - April 28, 2009 Not long after...

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April 28, 2009 Not long after Wade-Davis bill, Lincoln was assassinated Andrew Johnson’s Reconstruction o Lincoln had been loyal to the Whigs o Johnson was a Jacskonian Democrat o Opposed Northern Industrialist o Opposed Southern planter aristocracy o Was a former slave holder o Didn’t have deep sympathy for the slaves o He saw reconstruction as restoration, controlled by him, not congress o Romanticized the South, thought he could count on the South supporting him o Wanted to make a conservative coalition in the north and the south o He believed in the conspiracy theory of succession South was tricked? o Tried to complete the reconstruction of the South by executive order while Congress was out of session o He thought that former Southern leaders should be excluded from politics o Wanted state conventions that would decide who should be allowed to voted o They should ratify the 13 th amendment and pay off the Confederate debt o Voters elected same people from Confederate government to the new one o Altered leadership was failing o MS and SC refused to repudiate Confederate debt o MS and TN refused to ratify the 13 th amendment o Johnson gave out special pardons to rich Southerners o Johnson state governments passed laws that tried to revive institution of slavery: black codes Prohibition of interracial marriage, special liscense for workers, no freedom of movement, forced labor for those who refuse to work Wanted to keep blacks as uneducated work force o Congress comes back into session: Congress’s reconstruction o Congress doesn’t want to allow old Confederates back into Congress o There was a growing division between republicans and Johnson
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Day 27 Reconstruction - April 28, 2009 Not long after...

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