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2nd Test Review - Know that they can be religious and etc...

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Responsible Party System and the First Two Party Systems 3 questions responsible parties model whigs collapse era of democratic dominance Longism 10 questions connections with the common man effective bi-factionalism within one party Present 2 Party System 5-6 questions race issue more whites than blacks so Republicans will win Interest Groups 10 questions interests groups are stronger in LA how lobbyists target the legislature political contributions beauracracy and entertainment Big Three (LABA, AFL CIO, ????) And other kinds of interest groups
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Unformatted text preview: Know that they can be religious and etc. Legislature Basic Legislative Process-7 questions Leaderships Speaker of House and President of Senate (chosen by Governor) Bill to Law Changes in Legislature-5 questions Bicycle/car Legislative Fiscal Office Legislature has not gotten that much stronger Shortening the time of the session has weakened them 2-3 questions on Jay Dardenne’s talk 3-4 questions on Huey Long films 1-2 questions on Hubert Humphrey’s speech...
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