Breach of Faith Review 2

Breach of Faith Review 2 - Race Democrat 1949 African...

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Democrat Republican Race 1949 African American Platform 1964- LBJ/Humphrey running as Dem. For president. Big push was to pass the civil rights act. What that did was submit blacks support. 1964- Goldwater running as republican candidate. Against the race act. Southern Dem sided with him. First time deep south voted Rep because of the race issue. (Thurnwood had switched parties D R) Economics 1952- 1956 Labor 1952-1956- Business Cultural Liberal— Catholics were very liberal on things like social issues (except abortion), but drinking age, etc. Catholics depressed the cultural divide between liberals and conservatives. Catholics kept LA a competitive state- swing state. On statewide issues, it was easy for Democratic candidates to convince voters that they were socially conservative. Conservative
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Louisiana o Overview Louisiana was a true swing state—1980s and 1990s there were plenty of presidential candidates coming here for votes (we haven’t seen any in the past three elections) o Early Transformation— Race Economics Cultural—cultural not as important to louisianans o Change Catholics emphasizing conservative social issues Interest Groups and Lobbying o Interest Groups and Parties- In states where political parties are weak, interest groups tend to be stronger. LA, according to surveys done on legislatures, LA ranks high up on how important the influence of lobbyists is. A lot of people associate this with LA’s free wheeling politics. But this is probably because of the weak parties in LA. Once elected, parties aren’t nearly as effective.
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Breach of Faith Review 2 - Race Democrat 1949 African...

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