Breach of Faith Review

Breach of Faith Review - African-american vote Blue collar...

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Breach of Faith Review [email protected] Price--310 Stubbs Hall 6 short answers 1 essay Bring a Blue Book Choice between 8-9 short answers Choice between 2 essays Notion of Federalism in American government o American state is one of the least centralized o So blame can be shared by the Mayor, Governor, and President o There is a disconnect between the local and federal government o Time and time again, people are trying to warn somebody that the situation is bad and it’s usually not being heard or ignored Department of Homeland Security o To coordinate a response, streamline success o “One department response” o Chertoff and Brown do not get along well o Ex. Mike Brown makes direct call to Bush because he thinks Chertoff is incapable Nagin and Blanco o Two centrist democrats that don’t get along o Blanco is a direct result of Cajun culture She won by hoping that two bigger democrats would split the
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Unformatted text preview: African-american vote Blue collar Grew up in poverty o Nagin Connections with business White collar o Even before the hurricane hits they can’t agree to evacuate Nagin doesn’t want to get sued for losing revenue Blanco wants to do it anyways • Blanco and Bush o When Bush asks to take the National Guard His thought was that the LA National Guard would work better with a federal response Blanco didn’t want to look incompetent • Why does the governor declare a state of emergency? o To receive Federal aid • There’s a lot of times that the beauracracy gets in the way of itself o Think about how to make the system easier for mass response • Specifically focus on the Government in the books o Institutions and political players, the interaction between them and how that got in the way...
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Breach of Faith Review - African-american vote Blue collar...

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