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[email protected] Earl of LA Test 5 identification questions—10 pts. each not only who they are, but their significance to Earl Long and election of 1959 7-8 you can choose from on the Chep Morrison -Mayor of NO. earl calls him Dellasoups. Bragged of having a poll result of 52% to win first primary against earl.-won first primary, but loses to protestant Davis- soft on niggers-catholic tried to ride race line Jimmie Davis -palms singer from Shreveport he wrote you are my sunshine my only sunshine. Was governor from 1944-1948. Country boy. People liked him b/c he never had any trouble with gambling. His motto was I never done nobody no harm.-became segregationist ticket Little Pissant- Camille Gravels son. A boy at the courthouse where governor long was talking who kept being mean to the governor. Jimmie Noe took over for 5 month as governor when OK allen died in office. Earl ran with him as L.G. Her got 5 th -started KNOE in Monroe
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Unformatted text preview: Bill Dodd state auditor-earl called him big bad bill dodd. He was lietuentant governor with earl from 1948-1952. but they are enemies now. Finished 4 th E. K. Long- three time governor-failed at L.Gov also-endorsed Davis Willie Rainach the racists. Earl may lose votes for being soft on the niggers, but they wouldn’t necessary go to rainach. Endorsed Davis Leander Perez political boss (pasha) of Plaquemines parish. Most powerful voice for political sterilization of negros. Old Regulars O.K. Allen-Governor elected after Huey-died in office- John Fournet was VP- Long’s tool Joe Sims-sought writ of Habeas corpus; Earls disciple at law; legal advisor Jim Comiskey 10 questions—5 points each specific questions what Earl Long did during the election schemes and plans Very difficult decision half way through Know what problem and decision are Related to decision of the LA Democratic Convention...
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