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Earl of LA Test O.K. Allen-governor of Louisiana but huey ran state thorugh him. John Fournet-served as speaker of the house of la, and lieutenant governor under Allen. He adjourned the house when hueys enemies were trying to get huey impeached. Joe Arthur Sims-sought writ of Habeas corpus; Earls disciple at law; legal advisor Pete Herman-Blind boxer who now owned bar in NO. earls friend. Chep Morrison-Mayor of NO. earl calls him Dellasoups. Bragged of having a poll result of 52% to win first primary against earl. Jimmie Davis-palms singer from Shreveport he wrote you are my sunshine my only sunshine. Was governor from 1944-1948. Country boy. People liked him b/c he never had any trouble with gambling. His motto was I never done nobody no harm. Jim Comiskey-leader of the third ward and chef of city-wide old regular democratic organization. He would listen to peoples confessions.
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Unformatted text preview: Leander Perez-political boss (pasha) of Plaquemines parish. Most powerful voice for political sterilization of negros. Bill Dodd-state auditor-earl called him big bad bill dodd. He was lietuentant governor with earl from 1948-1952. but they are enemies now. Willie Rainach-the racists. Earl may lose votes for being soft on the niggers, but they wouldn’t necessary go to rainach. Little Piss-ant-Camille Gravels son. A boy at the courthouse where governor long was talking who kept being mean to the governor. Jimmy Noe-took over for 5 month as governor when OK allen died in office. He appointed hueys widow to finish hueys place in us senate seat. Old Regulations Earl K Long-crazy man. Allen Lacombe-earl k long was running lieutant governor on his ticket. Jimmie davis wins election. 1 short answer 3 identification 4 one word answers...
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