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March 9 - against this bill 2 Did he not tell them...

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XI. Interest Groups and Lobbying A. Interest Groups And Parties B. Techniques and Targets A. Interest Groups and Parties a. In states where political parties are week, interest groups are stronger. (that describes Louisiana) Not as organized by political party as other states and Congress. People in LA don’t hold a party affiliation as much; this creates a political vacuum which interest groups fill. Interest groups influence the people who have been elected. b. Political parties are more effective in getting people elected. B. Techniques a. How does a good lobbyist work? b. Legislature i. Any good lobbyist will tell you: while making legislators friends is good, the better lobbyist will tell you there are more important things ii. policy information (substantive information) 1. you must know what you are talking about 2. legislator x wants to write a bill about soy bean regulation a. soybean lobbyist who looks up stuff for bills b. “Do whatever lobbyist says!” iii. Political information 1. Does the lobbyist know there is an interest group out there
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Unformatted text preview: against this bill? 2. Did he not tell them otherwise? 3. Must know the surrounding stuff, like political atmosphere surrounding the lobby iv. Campaign contributions 1. It’s not as value laden as it sounds 2. If there is someone out there that naturally supports what you support v. Entertainment 1. Can be effective on menial bills 2. When you form these “fake friendships” with legislators vi. c. Governor i. Campaign contributions 1. I need to have the ear of the governor once he gets elected 2. You’ll see interest groups throwing their support with many different governor candidates 3. They know in the case of the governor, to be a friend of the governor before he’s the governor 4. Six months out, there’s a lot of money still waiting to be assigned 5. ii. policy information 1. not very important 2. governor can do these two things through others iii. political information d. C....
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March 9 - against this bill 2 Did he not tell them...

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