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polisci test2 - 10/15/07 -B. Past party systems -overview...

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10/15/07 -B. Past party systems -overview -Whigs/democrats -democratic dominance -biofoctiondism C. Ante-bellum era -current governor election, the key will be the African American voter turnout. -Louisiana senate is majority democratic and is likely to stay that way. -a lot of traditional democrats are leaving the senate but a lot of house of representatives are running for democratic positions in the senate. -republicans are targeting districts that won in democratic districts. -a less interest for running for office these days. -money, delving into peoples personal lives are reasons for people not running for office. -a lot of people think they can do more outside of the government. Whigs- more upper ended income Democratic- lower to middle end income The whig-democratic system was from 1812 to 1860. Then it moved to the one party system from 1865 to 1920 which was democratic dominance. -this era is what Louisiana is known best for from 1920 to 1965 which is anti-longs and the longs. This era is known as biofactionalism. Was also an era of democratic dominance but the Democratic Party was split into two factions that functioned in many ways like two parties. Today were on our fourth party system. -Ante-bellum era is the pre civil war era. Very few people were voting it was white Men who had property. They divided themselves into two parties which were the Whigs and the democrats. Commercial and business class were the democrats. Very competitive party system but competitive within a really small club. -the second era is democratic dominance from 1860 to 1920. The way it was structured in Louisiana is the way the rest of the south stayed until 1960. -Throughout the south and Louisiana during democratic dominance, democrats worked really hard to keep the African Americans off of the poles. -In the 1960s the Democratic Party made a really strong effort to make up for those mistakes. - Democratic dominance did its best to remove Republican Party from system. -The Republican Party replaced the Whigs nationally. -took people off the poles who were tempted to vote republican which was mainly African Americans. -disenfranchisement which means strip from voter polls- this is where you see all the pole taxes and the literacy tests. -southeast Louisiana wasn’t as effective as the rest of the south as keeping African Americans off of the pole.
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-this era of democratic dominance started coming to an end in the 1910s and 1920s and it was because of the rise of the importance of populism. -notion of poorer white men and women and African Americans were not voting. First wave of democracy was breaking down the class and income barrier. -see poorer people coming into the electorate at this time and this is where populism is -emergence of populism and it becomes important to Huey long. -influx of poor white people into the poles started to threaten democratic dominance.
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polisci test2 - 10/15/07 -B. Past party systems -overview...

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