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Complete Notes - I II The Governor and Its Long Legacy a...

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I. The Governor and It’s Long Legacy a. How Powerful? i. Most people view LA governor as most powerful in the country. The reputation is a strong one, when it comes to formal powers, it’s just not the same. What our governors have done is make a non-powerful office very powerful. We are only 1 of 5 states that have elections on a different year, they have a huge mansion. We treat our governor has someone who is very, very powerful. ii. i.e.-Governor appoints President of Senate/Speaker of House not legally. Louisiana’s governor had never had to veto until the 1990’s abortion fights. b. Constitutional Power (Formal Powers) i. Ranked 37 th out of 50 in Formal Power (we’re going up) ii. Top-New Jersey, Utah, Massachusetts iii. Bottom-Mississippi, Texas iv. Budgetary Powers 1. Has a line-item veto a. Can go through all of the lines of a bill 2. It’s the legislature who makes the budget v. Appointment Powers 1. Weak 2. LA elects pretty much everything 3. Governor is getting more appointing power c. Cultural Power (Informal Powers) i. Long legacy of power 1. Dominated Louisiana for a long time 2. When you get elected, you go sit in the same office as Huey, Earl, and Edwin 3. In the past, the gov had a lot of money to work with to fight their enemies and to award his friends. ii. Power Vacuum 1. Political parties (weak) a. Real potential for push back b. A lot of LA’s like political parties 2. Legislature institution a. Term limits b. Very seldom is a governor’s veto overridden c. Views of governor is most important d. If heads of the legislature becomes powerful like the rest of the nation, there will be a strong counterpart to LA governor e. Jindal can call a special session II. The Modern Governors a. Edwards I (1971/1972), II (1975/1976) i. Very different government than what we think of now ii. Barely beat Bennett Johnson
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iii. Easily reelected, era with a lot of oil iv. First Cajun governor v. “Good Times Governor” vi. First governor elected with strong African American support, and put many of them in his administration vii. Seen as a “New South governor” 1. Brought the races together viii. New constitution, reformed Legislature (arrogant), seen positively nation-wide ix. Changed the election law for this election b. Treen-Republican (1979/1980) i. Using the open primary ii. Treen vs. Lambert iii. Suspicion that Treen was Edwards’ pick so that he would easily win next time iv. Treen became the first Republican governor since Reconstruction v. Went in without political networks vi. Mistakes 1. Didn’t replace members of Edwards’ Administration a. Not a lot of good Republicans 2. Came in and cut taxes a. 40% of the budget was oil and gas related revenue b. Oil went down and Louisiana went broke c. Edwards III (1983/1984)-most expensive non-Presidential race i. Things have changed ii. Economy didn’t get better iii. Selling permits for things before he became Governor 1. Was in court a lot 2. First trial was a hung jury 3. Second trial was an acquittal
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Complete Notes - I II The Governor and Its Long Legacy a...

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