NotesforSam - April 3, 2009: Friday XIV. Governor Cont. D....

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April 3, 2009: Friday XIV. Governor Cont. D. Modern Gov’s Cont: -Foster was the first LA Gov to be reelected since Edwards, due to a pattern from the sour economy that no one could fix – people were mad 7. Foster: elected 1999/started term in 2000 – the economy started to go bad again right as he was starting to go for reelection – he glossed it over, so it didn’t draw strong opposition, and he was easily reelected 8. Blanco: 2003/2004 – Jindal was Foster’s fave candidate and he was running against Blanco -First election that all the media outlets showed up for talking about how wonderful LA was with two squeaky clean, reform candidates -The results would be big: either LA’s first woman Gov. or the nation’s first Indian Gov. -Blanco’s ads at the end were brilliant – she was seen as the poor person’s candidate, a pro-life Catholic -She didn’t run for reelection because of Katrina 9. Jindal: 2007/2008 – can’t say he ran unopposed, but there was no one well known against him -He shored up the conservative cultural base in N LA during the 4 yrs prior b/c he hadn’t run as well w/ them before -b/c of circumstances, Dem couldn’t pull a major candidate: Blanco & Breaux both waited till late to pull out of the race -Jindal won convincingly & unlike Roemer, who is a good comparison with campaign and politics, Jindal came in with a great mandate (no run-off, strong support behind him) & he entered the office with a strong budget -His future success depends on this yr – with the tough economy, he needs to gain
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NotesforSam - April 3, 2009: Friday XIV. Governor Cont. D....

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