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Marking Scheme Lab 4: Ideal Gas Law Revised on 2006-04-27 0.5/10 1. Purpose 1.5/10 2. Theory ¾ Write down the equation of state for an ideal gas and describe each term of the equation. ¾ This equation is only valid at relatively low pressures since the equation does not take into account a significant behavior of particles occurring at higher pressures. What behavior is this equation neglecting? 4.5/10 3. Results R accepted = 0.08206 atm L / mol K 3.2 Relation between Temperature and Pressure 1.5/4.5 Graph Figure #1: Pressure “P” as a function of Temperature “T” 0.75/4.5 With Figure #1 find R (R
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Unformatted text preview: experimental #1 ) 3.3 Relation between Pressure and Volume 1.5/4.5 Graph Figure #2: Pressure P as a function of the inverse of the Volume 1/V 0.75/4.5 With Figure #2 find R (R experimental #2 ) 3.5/10 4. Discussion 4.1 Questions 4.2 Discussion of results Compare your experimental R values with R accepted . How does P vary with T? How does P vary with V? Can we consider air as an ideal gas? -If not, why? -If so, under what condition? 4.3 Sources of error and improvements 4.4 Conclusion...
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