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Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Physics Department Physics - 8.01 Assignment #1 September 8, 1999. It is strongly recommended that you read about a subject before it is covered in lectures. Lecture Date Material Covered Reading from Ohanian #1 Wed 9/8 Powers of Ten - Units - Dimensions Prelude, page 1–18 Measurements - Uncertainties Ch. 1, page 1–20 Dimensional Analysis - Scaling Arguments Take Notes #2 Fri 9/10 1D Kinematics - Speed - Velocity - Acceleration Page 25–43 #3 Mon 9/13 Vectors - Dot Products - Cross Products Page 53–68 3D Kinematics Page 74–81 Watch videos on PIVoT (e.g. keywords: vector multiplication , dot product , etc. and look at the Simulation) #4 Wed 9/15 3D Kinematics Page 74–84 Falling Reference Frames Page 86–90 Due Wednesday, Sept 15, before 4 PM in 4-339B. Solutions will be available on Sept 17. 1.1 Estimates and Uncertainties – Ohanian page 21, question 1. 1.2 Fundamental Units – page 21, question 14. 1.3 How to measure the thickness of one sheet of paper to a high degree of accuracy? a) With a ruler, measure as accurately as you can the thickness (in mm) of your temporary five-chapter copy of Ohanian (excluding the yellow front and back cover). b) What is the approximate uncertainty (often called error) in your measurement (in mm)?
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assign1 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Physics...

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