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Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Physics Department Physics - 8.01 Assignment #8 November 8, 1999. It is strongly recommended that you read about a subject before it is covered in lectures. Lecture Date Material Covered Reading #25 Wed 11/10 Static Equilibrium - Stability - Rope Walker Page 354 – 364 #26 Fri 11/12 Elasticity - Young’s Modulus Page 365 – 369 #27 Mon 11/15 Fluid Mechanics - Pascal’s Principle - Hydrostatics Page 466 – 478 Atmospheric Pressure Over Pressure in Lungs and Tires #28 Wed 11/17 Hydrostatics - Archimedes’ Principle - Fluid Dynamics Page 478 – 483 What makes your Boat Float? - Bernoulli’s Equation Due Wednesday, Nov 17, before 4 PM in 4-339B. This is not an easy assignment. You have 9 days; START EARLY! 8.1 Conservation Laws Imagine a spherical, non-rotating planet of mass M and radius R that has no atmosphere. A satellite is ±red from the surface of the planet with speed v 0 and at 20 to the local vertical. In its subsequent orbit the satellite reaches a maximum distance of 5 R from the center of the planet. Calculate v 0 . 8.2 Much Ado About a Ham Sandwich You can ±nd this problem in the Lecture Supplement (on the Home Page) of Nov. 3. This supplement gives you all the necessary background as discussed in lectures. 8.3 Go ingtotheSun A spacecraft of mass m is ±rst brought into an orbit around the earth. The earth (together with the spacecraft) orbits the sun in a near circular orbit with radius R ( R is the mean distance between the earth and the sun; it is about 150 million km). a) What is the speed of the earth in its orbit around the sun?
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assign8 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Physics...

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