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Bayabo, Jan-Kristine 1 Jan-Kristine Bayabo Chemistry 3BL – Section 103 September 14, 2009 Experiment #12: The Magtrieve Oxidation of 4-Chlorobenzyl Alcohol A “Solvent-Free” Reaction Discussion: In this experiment, I oxidized 4-chlorobenzyl alcohol to 4-chlorobenzaldehyde using the oxidation agent Magtrieve, also known as CrO . I mixed 712mg of Magtrieve with 142mg of chlorobenzyl alcohol in a beaker covered with a watch glass and heated the mixture keeping the temperature between 90˚C and 110˚C. Additionally, ice was continuously placed on the watch glass to keep the glass cold. After 10 minutes, condensation was clearly visible on the sides of the beaker. Clear, needle-shaped crystals began to form under the watch glass. After 30 minutes, the beaker was removed from heat and left to cool to room temperature. 30mg of crystals were obtained from the watch glass, and after obtaining a second crop, 82mg of crystals were acquired. A percent yield of 57.51% was calculated. The crystals had a melting point of 43.8˚C -44.9˚C. The crystals were spotted on a TLC plate in comparison to the alcohol reactant and a cospot of both. None were reactive to the iodine chamber, yet all where visible under UV light. The product crystals had an Rf value of .58 while the reactant alcohol had an Rf value of .31. The cospot traveled revealing both Rf values of .58 and .31. After consideration, it was clear that the alcohol had undergone a chemical reaction.
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This note was uploaded on 11/23/2009 for the course CHEM 3BL taught by Professor Chunmei during the Fall '08 term at University of California, Berkeley.

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exp 12 lab report - Bayabo, Jan-Kristine 1 Jan-Kristine...

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