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Bayabo, Jan-Kristine 1 Jan-Kristine Bayabo Chemistry 3BL – Section 103 November 2, 2009 Experiment #24: Identifying the Structure of an Aldehyde by Qualitative Analysis Discussion: In order to determine the structure of unknown #5, qualitative analysis was required. Unknown #5 was a clear, brown liquid. After wafting the odor of the unknown, a fruity smell was recognized. After reacting .1mL of unknown with 300g of dimedone, new crystals (the dimethone derivative) were synthesized, weighing .326g. The percent yield was calculated to be 97.5%. The dimethone derivative appeared as white, shiny, clumpy crystals. It had a melting point of 174.3˚C-174.9˚C; because of the sharp melting point, I assumed the product was pure. From the list of unknown dimethone derivatives in the lab manual, 7 possibilities were eliminated for having melting points more than 10˚C higher than the obtained dimethone derivative and 4 possible unknowns were left: veratraldehyde, cumin aldehyde, piperonal, and meta -tolualdehyde. Using the .052g of synthesized dimethone derivative, a dimethone anhydride derivative was formed by adding a drop of hydrochloric acid. After recrystallization, fine, white, shiny crystals formed, weighing .031g. The percent yield came out to be 62%; the low yield may have been because I did not attempt to recrystallize a second crop from the filtrate. The dimethone anhydride derivative had
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exp 24 lab report - Bayabo, Jan-Kristine 1 Jan-Kristine...

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