Materials and Methods Bio 1b lab report 3

Materials and Methods Bio 1b lab report 3 - Materials and...

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Materials and Methods: In this lab, we were given prepared vials containing aquatic macroinvertebrates collected from the North and South Forks of UC Berkeley’s Strawberry Creek. Each vial had at most 5 dead organisms preserved in ethanol ready to be identified. By viewing the contained organisms under a dissecting microscope, we were able to identify the phylum, class, and/or order of each organism. We relied on a dichotomous key to help distinguish the differences between each invertebrate. We examined 20 vials—100 organisms in total—where half the vials were collected from North Fork and the other half from South Fork. We divided the group—half for each fork. Only one vial was taken at a time for identification. Based on these identifications, we
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