Chapter 9 9-15 9-16 - 9-15a.The university pay process...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-15a.The university pay process system should have a maximum number of permissible hours in any one pay week. Any additional hours should require overtime permission and authorization from a supervisor. In addition to this, there should be a limit to the amount of overtime payable in any given week, to prevent abuse or error. Customer account limits should be set on the system by mangers according to guarantees and security provided by customers. The system should not allow an override without supervisor intervention to prevent the creation of doubtful debts. The accounting system must also track all operators transactions (audit trail) to establish accountability in the case of a discrepancy. Supervisors should be made aware of overdue accounts, and the financial manager should block these accounts from further sales. A notice should appear on the operators screen to advise of this.b.Mr. Phineus Eyeshade should not be the only point of control in the accounts receivable process, there should be at least one check point in the companys cash to bank cycle, to ensure that the unauthorized removal of cash is detected and prevented....
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Chapter 9 9-15 9-16 - 9-15a.The university pay process...

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