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Memorandum To: Dr. Sona Andrews, Provost From: Jonathan Sanders Subject: Analysis of Proposed Plagiarism-Checking Service Date: 30 January 2007 This memo presents our analysis and recommendation concerning the adoption of a plagiarism- checking service at Boise State University. Summary Plagiarism is a problem for everyone within the academic community. In order to stop this harmful and illegal activity at Boise State University, we have considered adopting a plagiarism- checking service offered by Plagiarism.org. While there are some disadvantages to adopting the proposed service, we feel that the advantages outweigh the potential problems. Accordingly, we recommend the adoption of this service on a limited, trial basis. The Nature of the Plagiarism Problem The Internet has made it possible to access information very easily. In fact, it is so easy to find information that, when plagiarism is suspected, the instructor doesn’t know where to begin to track down the original information because there is so much to choose from. A Stanford
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This note was uploaded on 11/23/2009 for the course MIS 3112 taught by Professor Iosfhd during the Spring '09 term at Midwestern State University.

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A2wordfile - Memorandum To From Subject Date Dr Sona...

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