Sympathy - I want to play (They won’t let me play) I’m...

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Sympathy-Teams that feel discrimination against Empathy- Apathy- Ethos – credibility-experience-fair representation- did you take both sides of situation. Pethos- Logost- Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Http:// First thing in instructions need an introduction- why is it important- what and why. Tell me why you did this. That is not fair
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Unformatted text preview: I want to play (They won’t let me play) I’m sorry I didn’t mean to. (do it) You better behave That sounds good Jing- download for video-tech-smith product- Cantasia Do not omit articles Maximum # in a list 9 is a limit. If more, break them up into categories Analyze your audience and pu8rpose. Gather and organize your information...
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