CREATE TABLE musicalartist

CREATE TABLE musicalartist - 'Caramel'Caramel...

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CREATE TABLE musicalartist ( band_id MEDIUMINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, band_name VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL, members VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL, genre VARCHAR(40) NOT NULL, myspace VARCHAR(80) NOT NULL, website CHAR(40) NOT NULL, facebook CHAR(40) NOT NULL, registration_date DATETIME NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (band_id) ); INSERT INTO musicalartist (band_name, members, genre, myspace, website, facebook, registration_date) VALUES ('Maiden Fate', 'Philip Lars, Roger Ring, Luis McCloud', 'Rock', '', '', '', NOW()), ('Wasted Essential', 'Josh Patterson, Nick Moller, Glen Pitts', 'Soft Rock', '', '', '', NOW()), ('Trying Anywhere', 'Harry Mills, Chris Mills, Troy West, Neal Young', 'Rock', '', '', '', NOW()), ('Lil Drill', 'Lil Drill and the Polo Boys', 'Rock', '', '' , '', NOW()),
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Unformatted text preview: ('Caramel', 'Caramel Bridges', 'R&B', '', '', '', NOW()), ('Armadillo', 'Vince Pierce, Tasha Swift, Jerry Rivera, Miranda Cook, Justin Wright', 'Country', '', '', '', NOW()), ('Lockjaw', 'Charles Jones aka Lockjaw', 'Rap', '', '', '', NOW()), ('Swift Wigs', 'Taylor James, Micha Wilson, Chrisy Harris, Jamie Grimes, Jessica Welch', 'Classic Rock', '', '', '', NOW()), ('Nine Leash', 'Navel Swissenson', 'Techno', '', '', '', NOW()), ('Defy', 'Charles Manson, David Goodman, Mark Aguilar, Roy Keller', 'Metal', '', '', '', NOW()), ('Helium of Jupiter', 'Jake Beal, Brandon Shelly, Tony Rojas, Brent Allen', 'Rock', '', '', '', NOW()), ('Punk Belief', 'Travis Dyrdek, Rob Parker, Brad Lopez, George Gonzalez', 'Rock', '', '', '', NOW());...
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CREATE TABLE musicalartist - 'Caramel'Caramel...

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