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eVision Case notes - GAAP • Revenue recognition – large...

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eVision Case 1. Financial statements users: Shareholders – institutional – other Creditors Companies they acquire Large customers Regulators – medical regulators (HIPAA); SEC/OSC 2. Relevant Strategic Goals: Grow end users #1 Differentiate on quality and technology (innovation) Enter the US through acquisitions Retain OEM – maintain profit segment #2 Automation of testing 3. Constraints and Risks: Difficult to penetrate market Competitors merging New regulators Fully utilized – constrain on new products and training No accounting system #3 4. F/S accounts at risk: Goodwill valuation – impaired A/R – growth, credit rating of customers Investments – valuation (private company’s shares are difficult to valuate since they are not traded in an open market) COGS – weak tracking system
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R&D – small coding / capitalize or expense (R&D seems to be capitalized under “Software”) – follow
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Unformatted text preview: GAAP • Revenue recognition – large contracts with OEM’s – recognition of Deferred Revenue • Contracts in Progress – liability or asset • Software – obsolete / valuation First Challenge – HIPAA Compliant • May not be compliant in time • Training fully utilized employees • Behind competitors with compliance and product • Internally developed – quality, time to develop • Revenue is overstated/expenses are understated – may not complete contract in time • Potential lawsuits in the future • Encourage to take training – tracking participants and progress/meeting deadlines – mandatory training Mergers: • See what competitors are doing • Fail to differentiate • Infringement • Quality control • Overstate revenue/R&D • HIPAA compliant • Difficult to increase market share • Fewer merger opportunities – increase price of potential co....
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eVision Case notes - GAAP • Revenue recognition – large...

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