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Oct. 28 - in-class question

Oct. 28 - in-class question - WDM is like looking for...

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During 2002 &03, UN weapons inspectors entered Iraq to search for “weapons of mass destruction”. These included chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. It has been reported that these weapons and equipment for manufacturing them maybe concealed in public buildings such as schools, hospitals or apartment buildings. Required: identify the subject matter and design an approach for assessing risks and probabilities of weapons existing, and for implementing the inspection. Use basic audit definitions and approaches from F/S auditing. i.e. inspectors objectives for
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Unformatted text preview: WDM is like looking for material misstatements in F/S. The users of the WDM inspection results: • Users , UN, people S/H • Practitioners, inspectors • Management, Iraqi government Inherent risks – high – reputation Audit risk – very low Detection risk – very low Sample size – large High risk High quality evidence No scope limitations Staff- integrity, objectivity, due care...
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