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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry I C, Course Code 40070, Summer Session I, 2009, Dr. Shaka ‘ A III I 26. In the titration of a 0.10 M solution of sodium carbonate, N'a2C03, with HCl, which of the following will be present in the largest concentration at the first equivalence point? (a) C032‘. (b) HCO3’. (c) H*. (d) HZCO3. (e) OH‘. 27. In aqueous solutions, the strongest acid that can be present is H3O+, which has a pKa value of around —l.'7. We assume that certain strong acids dissociate essentially completely in water. / This means that f/Kg : \Z a (if-{'47, (a) the pKa values of these acids are considerably greater than —1.7. game pr values of these acids are considerably greater than —l.7. % // ’ . 1 _ . (0 he pKa values of these ac1ds are consrderably less than 1.7. 57;]??? a c (d) the pr values of these acids are considerably less than —1.7. (e) both (c) and (d) are correct. xa/P: [W it” VA It“: 28. (BONUS PROBLEM) What is a typical value of A in the Arrhenius formula, for a first-order reaction in solution? (a) 1043s1 (b) 10‘5s‘I (a) is:1 (b) 10*5s‘1 @“3s‘1 29. (BONUS PROBLEM) What mode of radioactive decay does mU undergo? (a) y—emission. . / o b) flemssion. ( )—emission. positron emission. (e) electron capture. 30. (BONUS PROBLEM) What is the steady state approximation? S‘ P‘ (a) Concentrations of reactants and products settle down to a steady state. b) The transition state is in a steady state. QT he amount of a reactive intermediate is (a) small and (b) constant. (d) If X appears anywhere in a reaction mechanism, then d[X]/dt = 0. (e) None of these. 31. (BONUS PROBLEM) What association do you have with the term “Castle Bravo”? (a) a castle inhabited by Sir Lancelot and other Knights of the Round Table. (b) a castle—like crater caused by a fast-moving comet. (c) a fission device dropped on Nagasaki during W W11. 0, the highest award in science given by the Italian Academy of Sciences. 3 a fusion bomb detonated on the Bikini Islands by the United States. ...
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