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baldwin rules - Tetrahedron 1982 , 38 , 2939. b The...

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Fall 2009 Classification of Ring-Closure Types a Exocyclic bonds Endocyclic bonds b sp sp 2 sp 3 sp sp 2 Ring Size ( dig ) ( trig ) ( tet ) ( dig ) ( trig ) 3 unfav fav fav fav unfav 4 unfav fav fav fav unfav 5 fav fav fav fav unfav 6 fav fav fav fav fav 7 fav fav fav fav fav a See: Baldwin, J. Chem.Soc., Chem. Commun. 1976 , 734. Baldwin & Lusch
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Unformatted text preview: Tetrahedron 1982 , 38 , 2939. b The category endo-tet exists but is somewhat rare and is not discussed here. Remember: The rules are empirical and have stereochemical basis. "Disfavored" does not mean it cannot be done—only that it is more difficult than the favored case....
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