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qualitative analysis - Na Hye Eunice Kim Chem 3BL Jessica...

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Na Hye Eunice Kim Chem 3BL / Jessica Identifying the Structure of an Aldehyde by Qualitative Analysis The physical properties of the compound can aid in narrowing the possibilities in identifying the unknown compound. Melting point ranges can be measured with relative ease. However, sometimes similar compounds have similar melting point ranges. In this experiment, a crystalline dimethone derivative from an unknown aldehyde is prepared. After determining the melting point range of this product, you will convert it into the dimethone anhydride and again determine the melting point range. By comparing two melting point ranges with the data from the table with physical properties of the unknown will help establishing the identity of the unknown aldehyde. In part I, reaction with dimethone and unknown compound #4 with addition of heat has produced dimethone derivative product. After having the reaction in a solution, I slowly cooled it down so that the only pure compound would form crystals and then crystals were dried and melting point was achieved. The melting point range was 171~ 175°C. Thus, the possible dimedone derivatives of similar melting point range were veratraldehyde 3,4- dimethyoxybenzaldehyde (173~174°C), cumin aldehyde 4-(1-methylethy)-benzaldehyde (170-171°C), and piperonal(175~177°C). In order to further narrow down, I added HCl to my dimethone derivative product to produce dimethone anhydride derivative. This was
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qualitative analysis - Na Hye Eunice Kim Chem 3BL Jessica...

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