lecture03 - Last time Chapter 2, Basic concepts...

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Introduction to Low-Level Programming Concepts CMSC 212 ecture 3 1 CMSC 212 Lecture 3 September 8, 2009 Last time Chapter 2, Basic concepts printf() and scanf() for input and output – function calls and arguments Chapter 3, Data – integer and real (floating-point) types – variable declaration and initialization numerated types 2 CMSC 212 – enumerated types – C arrays and strings – pointers: * preceding a variable name in a declaration makes it a pointer the operator returns the memory address of a variable the * operator dereferences a pointer Reading Read Chapter 8 in Reek (Pointers on C) next 3 CMSC 212 Chapter 3, Data, con't. 4 CMSC 212
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The const keyword const indicates a variable or parameter can't be changed or const int *p; (or int const *p; ) – a pointer to an integer that can't be changed const int w= 1; int x= 2; p= &x; /* valid */ p= ; * nvalid / int const w= 1; 5 CMSC 212 int *const q= ; – a constant pointer to an integer const int *const r= ; – a constant pointer to a constant integer *p= 3; /* invalid */ int y= 4, z= 5; int *const q= &y; *q= 6; /* valid */ q= &z; /* invalid */ const int *const r= &z; Some properties of variables and identifiers Scope Linkage Storage class (or extent ) The four specifiers auto , extern , static , and register can be used to affect identifiers' linkage 6 CMSC 212 and extent Types of scope The two main types of scope in C are block scope and file scope Declaring an identifier with the same name as one in an
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lecture03 - Last time Chapter 2, Basic concepts...

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