lecture05 - Last time Introduction to Low-Level Programming...

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Introduction to Low-Level Programming Concepts CMSC 212 ecture 5 1 CMSC 212 Lecture 5 September 15, 2009 Last time Chapter 4, Statements switch statements Chapter 8, Arrays – arrays and array parameters – passing array sizes to functions rray initialization (one imensional and two imensional) 2 CMSC 212 – array initialization (one-dimensional and two-dimensional) Reading Read Chapter 5 in Reek (Pointers on C) 3 CMSC 212 Chapter 8, Arrays, con't. 4 CMSC 212
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Multidimensional array parameters and arguments The first dimension of any array parameter, in a prototype and function definition, does not need a size specified (it is ignored even if present) Regardless of the size of an array parameter's first imension, ny rray of the same element type nd 5 CMSC 212 dimension, any array of the same element type and the same sizes for the remaining dimensions can be passed in as an argument Multidimensional array parameter example #include <stdio.h> int sum_row(int arr[][3], int row); int sum_row(int arr[][3], int row) { int i, sum= 0; for (i= 0; i < 3; i++) sum += arr[row][i]; eturn sum; 6 CMSC 212 return sum; } int main() { int arr1[4][3]= {{7, 5}, {3, 1, 8}, {6}}; int arr2[5][3]= {7, 5, 3, 1, 8, 6, 4, 2}; printf("%d\n", sum_row(arr1, 1)); printf("%d\n", sum_row(arr2, 2)); return 0; } Symbolic constants The #define preprocessor directive is convenient when arrays are used Syntax: #define name value Everywhere that name appears between the #define and the end of the file the preprocessor
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lecture05 - Last time Introduction to Low-Level Programming...

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