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I. A/Tools: - Using your own experience outside information are still necessary - Doing library research Ask librarians, go check the catalogue which have a list of all books, periodical and other sources owned by library, check the periodical databases which catalogues articles from a large number of journal and magazines (never cite an abstract on a speech), check the newspapers, check the reference works (work that synthesize a large amount of related info such as encyclopedias, yearbooks, quotation books and biographical aids). Encyclopedias: a comprehensive reference work that provides information about all branches of human knowledge. (Also special encyclopedia which are devoted to specific subject) Yearbooks: Reference works are published each year containing information about the previous year. (World almanac, facts on file) Biographical aid: A reference work that provide information about people - Searching the internet Search engine are the key of finding material on internet (google). To limit research, be precise, use “…”, + (to limit to the websites which only contain both). Other sources of finding material on internet can be specialized research resources. You can you virtual library which are searching engine that combine internet technology with traditional library methods of cataloguing and assessing data. (Help to find reliable, high- quality web resources). Also, you have access to government resources, multicultural resources. - Interview B/ Evaluate internet sources: - Authors identify? Bias? Expert in the topic? - Sponsorship organization( in absence of author, the sponsor is responsible for the con of the article) - Recency (to know how recent it is, look at the copyright date, publication date or date
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speech - I . A/Tools: Using your own experience outside...

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