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Essay 1 For some people, the New Year is a time to make new resolutions which are commitments to improve oneself or one's life in a specific way. Unlike these people, other decide to do not make any resolutions because, first, it's just a way to face the future which afraid a lot of people. Then, they think new resolutions should be taking all over and finally, these resolutions are too easily forgotten. In this essay, I will speak about the reasons why these people don't make new resolutions. First of all, people, who have a low self-confidence, are scared about what will happen in the future and decide to make new resolutions in order to not forget the goals they have decided to achieve. For instance, some people decide to work harder in order to have a promotion but isn't it just a way to remember themselves that they have to be serious if they want to fulfill. These people might be afraid to fail on what they want to achieve and need to have a support to face the difficulties. To me, a list is not really necessary to know what you have to do.
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