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eap12 intwerview - Do you think the spread of English is...

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Does the spread of English in the world is a good or bad thing? (My interview concerns two people who come from different nationalities) Where do you come from? How old were you when you’ve decided to come to the USA? Why did you make this choice? When did you start to learn English in your country? If it was when you were a child, did you learn enough to understand people and speak with them when you came for the first time to the USA? What might be your future job? Is English speaking necessary? If yes, why? Have you ever been refused for a job because you were not able to speak English?
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Unformatted text preview: Do you think the spread of English is good for all the sort of exchanges between the countries? Do you think that the spread of English will improve relationship between countries and help to keep peaceful relationship between the countries? Did it cost you a lot of money to learn English? Don’t you think that a lot of people take profits of this situation in order to make money? Do you think that your own culture might be in danger because of the spread of the English culture?...
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