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ANP202: Bio-cultural Evolution Review Sheet for Exam #3 Hunting and Gathering lifeways : depended on season and the # of people, the region, weather, etc (Oasis Theory, Packing Model, Plant domestication) Bering Land Bridge hypothesis : People came to N. America through Russia/Asia across a land bridge Pacific Coastal Route hypothesis : - costal travel, not interior = conditions less harsh, movement around glacial sheets; - needed sea bearing vessel = Australian settlement, costal sites from Alaska to Chile; - Allows for older migration; - Short comings: Archeological evidence underwater, lack of settlements in Asia, fails to account for the antiquity of eastern North American assemblages North Atlantic Ice Corridor hypothesis : From Europe, at least one great migration across an ice sheet that extended past Greenland; relation between Clovis and Solutrean artifacts (No Clovis ancestor in Asia; lacks archeological evidence for Solutrean maritime settlements) Major Paleo-Indian sites : - Meadowcroft : Pennsylvania : <19,000 ya; - Monte Verde : Chile : 14, 800 ya; - Naco/Lehner : Arizona : 13,000 ya; Colby : Wyoming : 13,000 ya; Pedra Pintada : Brazilian Amazon : 12,000 ya; Olsen-Chubbuck : Colorado : 9,400 ya; Kennewick : W A state : 9,300 ya Evidence for first ‘New’ World migration : “New World” Skeletal remains: only 20 individual specimens o “Kennewick Man” 9,000 ya Violent trauma (spear point in pelvis) and health problems (osteoarthritis) o Buhl, Idaho 12,800 ya Interrupted growth in long bones and teeth o Spirit Cave, Nevada 10,600 ya Debilitating health problems (teeth abscess, chronic back trouble) o Grimes Point, Nevada 10,600 ya Teenage boy Died from obsidian stab to chest Cranial features: o Skull ,skull proportions,nasal shape,face width,distance between eyes
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ANP202_-_Review3 - ANP202 Bio-cultural Evolution Review...

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