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ANP202: Biocultural Evolution Prof. James S. Bielo November 14, 2007 Extra Credit Assignment – “Kayapo: Out of the Forest” Question One In class we discussed “Cultural Materialism” as an analytical framework that locates causation in the domain of the “infrastructure.” In regards to the video, as a cultural materialist, how would you explain the Kayapo’s adverse reaction to the proposed dam project? In your response, identify as many relevant infrastructural issues as you can. Question Two Throughout this semester I have stressed the tight integration among biology,
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Unformatted text preview: ecology, and culture. For you, what was the most powerful demonstration in the video of this relationship between people and their environment? Clearly, there is little room for a wrong answer here, but you should aim to be as precise as possible in your discussion, addressing specific examples from the film. Each question is worth up to five points of extra credit toward your final grade. Hard copies of typed responses will be due in class Monday, November 19, 2007....
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