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CELL422F09 - and sulfur 10 Microbial genomics genetic...

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Cell 422: Microbiology (Provisional Syllabus) Fall 2008 Fall semester Professor David A. Mullin, Office 4016 Stern Hall, email: [email protected] Office hours (Please make an appointment by email.) Class meets : MWF: Boggs 239 from 12:00 pm -12:50 pm. and W 7:00 – 7:50 pm Detailed notes and figures in the form of printable PowerPoint presentations will be posted on the Blackboard website prior to each lecture. Recommended text book : “Microbiology ”, 6 th Edition by Prescott et al . (ISBN 0-07-255678-1) Topics Chapter in Text Scope, perspective, and history 1, 4 Microbiological methods, sterilization, and 5, 7 disinfection Microscopy 2 Bacterial cell architecture, and motility 3 Microbial growth, nutrition, and kinetics 6 First Examination: Wed. Sept. 16 (7:00 pm) Microbial metabolism: Energetics, fermentation, and 8, 9 and Appendix I, respiration Microbial transformations of nitrogen, phosphorous,
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Unformatted text preview: and sulfur 10 Microbial genomics, genetic exchange, transposons 13, 15 Medical microbiology 34, 37 Immunology: Innate and acquired 31 - 33 Antibiotics and antimicrobial agents 35 Second Examination: Wed. Oct. 21 (7:00 pm) Microbial taxonomy 19 The Archaea and bacteria 20-24 The microbial eukaryotes: fungi, algae, and protozoa 25-27 The viruses 16-18 Final Examination: Mon. Dec 14 (8am-12pm) Each exam counts as 33 1/3 % of the total grade. Homework assignments will be used to decide borderline grades. Late homework will not be accepted. If you miss an exam you will be allowed to take a makeup exam only if you contacted me prior to the regularly scheduled exam with a reason that I can accept. As a reminder: The Tulane University Honor Code stipulates that "all academic work must be the result of the student's own efforts. "...
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